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He wanted to die but as he said but he was a coward and could not stand to be tortured anymore so he killed his self before they could. She is talking about blaming the husband...why she can't just blame the guy that did it I don't know! There is absolutely NO DOUBT that they tortured the WRONG guy. They did in fact show the tax evasionist writing the note very briefly. Ryan Murphy's Broadway extravaganza, The Prom, ends on a note of acceptance & hope. OMG he wrote the note when he went upstairs and had his back towards us.... GOOD EYE, I was sitting here racking my brain trying to figure out when he actually wrote the stupid note! LMAO..some of you people are completely and utterly clueless. He truly was a blank slate, unable to defend with anything but what he had, "I don't remember anything". if you really wanted to give advice don't throw a smart ass comment like "but some of your run on sentences are difficult to read". She would torture him how he tortured her. Michelle. This was obviously shot before they captured the real Koslowski. The ending of the film showed that Angel got what he has wished for other characters. Since Kozslowski was a serial murderer, I'm pretty sure it would have been a terrible idea not to warn people that he had escaped. Overall good plot, The ending(even though still imperfectly executed) saved this movie from being kinda trashy. The parents had very little time until they showed up. if you notice when the murder in torturing been with his Angry Words you can see that 1 of his front teethis slightly broken off. Then the fraud guys note..only problem is that psychopaths don't apologise !! How the hell could she have known they were going to get the wrong guy? I reckon the guy with the dog was trying to lead them to the guys that tortured him so people have seen that and clearly the driver and guard must of seen the license plate. okay I just finish this movie. ^^^^ REALLY DOUCHEBAG?? That is an absolute fact. They will learn of this news as soon as they get home and turn on the tv, or as soon as the officer tells the that the perp has been re-captured; what happens after that should be far more interesting. Listen for him writing and tearing the note. Okay so the ending of this movie left me very upset .. first of all both of the parents are hypocrites...saying oh you're a monster you did this and you did that and then they went and did the exact same thing ..Also no matter how bad the accident had the man battered up how can you not recognize the face of the man who murdered your child ? Well, he WOULD need a liver transplant, lickety split. They definitely had the wrong man, and the wrong man had amnesia. Even immediately after they realized their son was murdered, as they were arguing after he pulled the drawer full off junk out, she said "I'm sorry but I just feel I have to blame someone." Ahhhhh!!! LOL! matt cutts is an important aspect of search engine results pages. Lesson learned, and able to move on with their grieving, without having actually killed him. Whomever said they got it backwards clearly did not pay attention. Like he said in the note he wrote, he couldn't deal with being tortured anymore. That's exactly what I thought when I watched it.. Thank you !!!! I was getting so confused with all the other comments! Also, they should have provided a proper ending with the couple's reaction to finding out they had the wrong guy all along. We all rewind, then reach for goggle. It is so obvious I dont get how there’s a mix up here. I found more sense in the writings here than in the movie! How many of you actually watched the movie? The creators of this movie want that viewers belive they have the right guy when in fact this is not true. I agree that the film touches upon morality of torture and ethics, but I feel it was a bit of a fuck you to the audience, Like the guy kills kids only gets 25 years and avoids being tortured. In this case, they made a horrible mistake and not only tortured the wrong man, but convinced a non violent man that he HAD tortured their child and although he was to serve eighteen months in prison for fraud, he is tortured believing he had tortured a child. There is no argument for the other way around. We all saw his face. He then ultimately commits suicide on the grounds that he deserves to die. But when it comes to Vane, her character could have possibly thought of two things. P.S. Justice is a business and they don't want death penalties because then they lose their annual revenue from that prisoner (which cost the tax payers a staggering 30k to 60k depending on state) & that is per prisoner annually. Couldn't have said it better. Seiko still dies from asphyxiation by hanging. While it wasn't the first found footage movie, 1999's The Blair Witch Project was the one that made the genre popular. Worked slightly, now I have something to talk to my daughter about who is a real Bill Mosely fan. He felt what he did was an abomination and that he deserved to die. The Tortured is a descent movie but it has far too many plot holes, the main one being the addition of the 2nd criminal. Their actions caused them to not only torture another human being, but in the process, they became tortured. Allowing the couple to read his hastily written note.We then see the police capture the real Kozslowski which is when we realise they've tortured the wrong person and caused his death.The couple then drive off home "content" as the feel justice has been done.Yes, they will get a huge shock when the detective calls them with the good news that Kozslowski has been caught, when they find out that Galligan is still unaccounted for they will realise what they have done.The film does make it clear that the couple wanted someone to blame, and they may have had doubts when they questioned wether it was right to punish "Kozslowski" when he genuinely seemed to have lost his memory, but the fact they were willing to "torture" some evidence out of him shows what their mindset was.Any doubts they had would have been out to rest when he later seemed to confess and hang himself.The fact that the guy that found them in the cabin, later also directed the police to the real location of Kozslowski is what I believe has confused some people about this film.How people can still think they had the right guy all along astounds me, Thank you! They used their sons name while torturing him, so he knew it was "Benjamin". Smh. Hence him talking his own life. They tortured the right person. I rate it 2 stars out of 5. "Lol But you are correct also if you look at the shirts the man they were torturing had blood all around the neck the man that was caught again by the police the actual child murderer had blood in different places on his shirt if you look you can notice it in several scenes . Jan 28, 2018 - Corpse Party: Tortured Souls Ending Explained It features a major plot twist which serves as the surprise ending, however, if you don't see this twist coming a mile away then your I.Q. Incredible summary^One thing unnoticed was how did kozlowski end up in the same area as the couple and the house they were in? Because HE is in the movie way more than Kozlowski. )/ ha ha . There is a very brief flashback sequence at the end where the wife, while arguing with the husband, says something like "It's the same man!" However, due to memory loss from the accident he couldn't remember anything else; all he knew was that he was a convict in a convicts uniform being tortured and told he has murdered a child, therefor he has no real choice other than to believe it, hence why he writes an apology note. Isn't that a hoot. Wow. Ending made least made me realize I was right when I kept thinking "that guy looks different than the guy in court.". As the cops capture the tax evader they assume that's the one convict reported and unrealistically end the man hunt. Don't you guys get it? Very helpful advice within this post! That happened way before they even decided to kidnap the guy! First of all, they did not have the right man. Yes and he was going back into the room to leave the note for them to find, Horrible movie. They make it clear in the recap/flashback scene at the end...they actually put those two flashbacks right next to each other for clarity (which took rewinding and analysis to find so that obviously didn't make it clear enough). They didn’t capture the guy the couple had tortured! Let's look at it a different way. About the note: I think he wrote it before he went upstairs and he planned to place the note on the nightstand and then go out to kill himself. ... were tortured and killed by the Nazis after hiding fugitives in the house. The biggest hint about what, exactly, is going on in both the book and the film comes in the title. When the lady is sitting on the toilet you can hear the sound of someone writing a note with a pencil or pen that's when he had the time and he also had the paper in his hand that's when he had the time to write the note. They definitely had the right man. Cheers! Who in the fuck is the anonymous left wing liberal asshole above that said above "it was kind of sad when I thought they were torturing the right man"? Why not just have 1 prisoner that they torture and bury? evasion might just turn out to be the death of you! You think it really cost that much per prisoner or do you think there are some politicians and prison officials lining their pockets with excess funds? If you’re reading this, then you’ve reached The Umbrella Academy Season 2 ending. Then he had the note in his hand, then probably put it in his prison jump suit. Once they perform it, Ayumi and Naomi get back in once piece but Satoshi doesn't. No morale, no lessons. Ghosts of War ending explained: Explore the mind-bending twist of the wartime horror film. You were never in this movies production. Thank you...what is wrong with these people...I can't stand it jesus gawd! And when they were saying the child killer was still on the loose they were saying that after they found the car accident. The twist is wasted this way, it's like "ok there is a twist, but so freakin' what?" You're incredibly wrong, and the person who wrote te post is correct. The bandage on his leg is different than the killer's. 'Red Sparrow' ending explained The premise of the story revolves around the life of a Russian intelligence officer Dominika (played by Jennifer Lawrence), who is sent to contact a CIA officer Nate Nash (played by Joel Edgerton) in the hope of discovering the identity of a mole who is passing secret intelligence information. He only knew what he was being tortured for because they told him. The couple tortured the tax evader, not the child killer. 14 Apr 2018 ... One of the boys, a 13-year-old, was killed after having been brutally tortured. Watching their reactions would've been pretty cool. The best part is.... when they first started to torture him, (Maybe second or third thing) They injected his ear with something to deafen him and painfully explode his ear drums. that movie makes you feel stupid lol. Indeed. That's why the creators and those who write this movie had made the tortured guy face covered in blood all the time, so we cannot realize is the wrong guy. I guess this was the thought of the producers when they create the movie... however, it could have been a better scrren wrriting... lots of dialogs without any reasons... she felt the need to blame someone ? However, the three children spirits will appear, surrounding Naomi and, unbeknownst to her, have her swallow a pair of scissors and let it cut her insides, slaying her. The Berean Call, has cited the ending lines of the end poem as equating the player — not Notch — to God. I am a grandmother of a 5 year old boy and I would have wanted to do just as they did, I am ashamed to say it disappointed me that they had the wrong guy. I am not being rude, but some of your run on sentences are difficult to read. But the reality is the episode wasn't supposed to be the finale, it was to be a cliffhanger and the show just got cancelled before they could resolve it. The ending of Minecraft explained. The irony - The husband and wife asking the man that they were torturing something along the lines of what kind of sick pervert derives pleasure from causing another person such pain.
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