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While your response certainly matters for the individual who left the review in the first place, it’s actually much more impactful for the 89 percent of other customers who will be reading it for weeks or months to come. That’s because you’ve invested so much into your business. You’ve likely seen these notifications before. Other times, poor reviews aren’t even due to mistakes, but simply uncontrollable events or a mismatch of tastes. © 2021 Forbes Media LLC. Instead, use a negative review as an opportunity to give your audience a glimpse into your personality. So sorry to hear about your troubling situation. When You Want to Follow up to Ask for a Positive Review, Feedback, or a Testimonial. Even so, not all responses are created equal. Erskine is the author of Online Reputation Management: The 28 Day Challenge, a guide to help people strategize, build, and maintain a powerful digital presence. You get angry, defensive, and annoyed just as if someone were personally attacking you. We’ll be reaching out to you personally in the next 24 hours to touch bases. Here’s a great response that shows how to thank customers right off the bat: 6. If possible, this is also a good opportunity to contrast the reviewer’s bad experience with your company policy or what customers usually experience when they visit your business. If you can convert the author of your negative review into a loyal customer, you have an awesome form of social proof speaking in your favor. Try to use these positive, negative and self evaluation professionalism phrases and examples to write a performance appraisal feedback. When most people read reviews, they can tell who is more aggressive and, in some cases, downright childish. This accomplishes a few things: Starting off with a small phrase like, “Hey, thanks so much for taking the time to write” is the perfect introduction for your response to a negative review. It’s also a great way to prepare yourself to ask for a testimonial after the problem gets solved. In fact, 52% of consumers trust a software product more if it has negative reviews. So long as you respond quickly, gracefully, and follow up for a testimonial, you can actually make negative reviews work for (rather than against) you. This tip may be a bit controversial. The Facts are Mistaken: As a business grows, it becomes near impossible. We’ll be reaching out to you personally in the next 24 hours to touch bases. If that’s the case, make sure you introduce yourself and let the reader know your connection to the team. Not something to copy/paste 100% verbatim. That increase is due, at least in part, to how little people like confrontation. Only 13% of consumers will consider a business with 1 or 2 stars 2. But it also shows the many other readers that your business is there to help them when needed. They don’t know how great you are, how much you care about their experience with your product, and how badly you want to serve your customers. All businesses make mistakes: a package doesn’t arrive on time, a restaurant brings out the wrong dish, or a doctor’s office forgets to log a patient’s appointment. We want to learn more about what happened and how we can make things right. The phrases are organized by the different skills, attributes and aspects of performance that are commonly covered in reviews. I wanted to let you know how sorry we are that you went through that difficult experience. I’m [your name] and I work as [your job title] for [your business]. If there is a negative review because of something you are responsible for, then apologize. We want to learn more about the situation and how we can make things right. So they end up getting defensive and upset. Critical reviews can make anyone get defensive, and a poorly worded reply will get seen by. Here’s why: Offering a discount, a special promotion, or a refund to customers who wrote a negative review can help ease tension. Here at [your business name], we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. Negative performance review example Though Anthony displays a passion and talent for reporting, his inability to work effectively as part of a team hinders his success. If the complaint is valid, you look like a company that truly understands the importance of good customer service. That’s why you’ll notice many areas in [square brackets] indicating where you need to insert personalized information. The vengeful customer. We're glad you have chosen to leave a comment. Respond on Time and with the Right Tone. I wanted to let you know how sorry we are that you went through that difficult experience. Yowza. Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg. When You Are NOT Responsible for the Problem. And those feelings are ok! Your positive response to praise will demonstrate your commitment to continued levels of improvement. Remember, you aren’t simply responding to the negative reviewer. Sample Rebuttal Letter to Negative Employee Evaluation. Instead, follow your workplace protocol to schedule an appointment. Here are three other times you should NOT give negative feedback. I’m [your name], and I work as [your job title] for [your business]. This will help you feel some compassion for them and prevent you from getting overly defensive or overly emotional about the situation. Check out this response which is beaming with humility, empathy, and understanding: 8. Step up your game, offer to take on more responsibility or volunteer to mentor other up-and-comers. We love letting customers know that if a problem arises, we are totally invested in seeing it fixed for them. We at TrustPulse are huge proponents of leveraging social proof and fear of missing out to maximize your conversion rates. Depending on the type of records kept at your place of employment, a negative performance evaluation can also affect future job prospects. We’d greatly appreciate the opportunity to make things right and work toward earning back your business.”. Respond quickly (customers expect a response to feedback), Express gratitude, Be brief, Vary your response templates, Sound natural and casual, and; Personalize the response whenever possible. A. Lexus of Royal Oak was calm and respectful in their response, while acknowledging the passion the issue had provoked in their customer. But even if you are the face of your brand, remember that the customer doesn’t know you personally. Negative reviews can often feel personal but responding to reviews when angry or tempers are running high is the worst thing you can do. Do you know how to respond to negative reviews without getting angry or defensive? Every situation is different, but no situation calls for confrontation or excuses. It also shows that your company takes customer service seriously enough to have someone in charge of addressing those problems. To avoid resorting to weepy extremes in the aftermath of your performance evaluation, let’s take a … Other readers can see that you take customer service seriously and that you care about making clients happy. He took them in on opening day without a receipt (not that a receipt would help), and Nordstroms gave him a full refund. Other times, poor reviews aren’t even due to mistakes, but simply uncontrollable events or a mismatch of tastes. Thank you so much for taking the time to write to us. But chances are this reply is actively repelling potential customers away. You want to bring the poor behavior to the employee's attention so she can correct it, yet you don't want to punish the employee or discourage her from improving. When it comes to responding to negative reviews, less is more. Being on the receiving end of a disappointing performance review is never easy, especially if you thought your work did not require improvement. Getting a bad performance review can make you feel angry, unappreciated, defeated, and hopeless. You have employees who get sick, shipments that come in late, and about a million other fires that need to be put out each day. Real customers love the brand so much that they don’t dare abuse the retailer’s kindness. But we should also note that generating online reviews shouldn’t be your only form of social proof. The words you use in the response need to convey that you genuinely care … I disagree with the negative evaluation of some of my successful projects. SAMPLE Attached is a sample answer to an observation report. As you know, it’s important for us to provide our customers with stellar service. Make Your Response Authentic and Personal. It’s always great to see the owner of a company take the time to respond to a humble customer review. Don’t Take the Negative Review Personally. If you've lost control of your emotions, you should hold your tongue. One of the goals of marketing is just getting people to talk about you. Here’s a negative review response example that shows how powerful a short message can be: To go the extra mile, take the conversation offline to express yourself at greater length. Now that we’ve established 13 ways to respond to negative customer reviews, here are 6 templates to save you time. Thank you so much, and I look forward to hearing from you! A public and anonymous review platform is not the place to mount a serious defense. Turn the Negative Review Into a Testimonial. Final Takeaways. So while you should publically respond to any negative reviews on the platform where it was posted, you should also continue the conversation on your own terms. There are countless negative reviews of the most famous national parks, and my all-time favorite poor review comes from Sandra A. of Portland Oregon who says of the Eiffel Tower: “[Y]ou see the city from high up. Hey! I’m [your name] and I work as [your job title] for [your business]. Please accept this [insert promotion or offer] as a token of our sincerest apologies. The secret is to craft your performance review comments in such a manner to be specific and short and succinct without sounding on … I wanted to let you know how sorry we are for [“what happened”]. Ryan Erskine is Director of Client Services at, a leading online reputation management firm, and the first DIY platform that makes it simple for people to take control of their own search results. According to the study, customers who see previous management responses decide not to leave trivial or unsubstantiated negative reviews to avoid a potentially uncomfortable online interaction with the manager. The truth is that whenever someone writes anything about your product, they feel strongly about your business. Let’s be honest. Although … I’m [your name], and I work as [your job title] for [your business]. When You Need Further Clarification on the Issue Before Responding. While it may be difficult to rebut subjective feedback, a written response to a negative assessment is a means for an employee to identify accomplishments and document discrimination or harassment concerns. Check out this example involving a car dealership. how to deal with negative reviews gracefully, 18 Best WordPress eCommerce Plugins to Build & Grow Your Business, How to Create a Recent Sales Notification Popup (the Easy Way), How to Show ClickFunnels Conversion Alerts on Your Site, 7 Best Landing Page Builders for WordPress to Increase Sales, 11 Best FOMO Popup Examples to Boost Your Conversions, FOMO Statistics You Need to Grow Your Business, How to Add a Live Sales Notification for Shopify to Increase Sales, Only 13% of consumers will consider a business with 1 or 2 stars, More than four negative reviews about a company or product may decrease sales by 70%, Makes your reviewer feel heard and valued, Shows other readers that you aren’t petty, Most people will simply ignore reading longer responses, Longer replies come off as desperate or defensive, There’s simply no need for drawn-out explanations. If you use all the tips we described above, you should be able to pacify even the most frustrated customer. Did you enjoy this article? They don't want a resolution to … Nathan Thompson is a father, a writer, and a lover of travel (in that order). Doing so shows that you’re paying attention to their review — that you hear them and care enough to tailor your response to their unique situation. Whether you decide to work with the customer on a phone call, video chat, or in a direct message on your favorite social media platform, move the conversation somewhere more private. Receiving what you feel to be an unfair performance evaluation can be disheartening and infuriating at the same time. We’ll be reaching out to you personally in the next 24 hours to touch bases. There are, of the most famous national parks, and my all-time favorite poor review comes from Sandra A. of Portland Oregon who, : “[Y]ou see the city from high up. Please keep in mind that all comments are moderated according to our privacy policy, and all links are nofollow. Be honest about where you need to improve, and request the next steps. Here are tips to help you respond to a bad performance review. Getting bad reviews sucks. What really matters is how you respond. Using our positive action notification popups, you can show your website’s visitors when other people make a purchase or sign up to your mailing list. One of the biggest problems companies face is failing to respond to a negative review quickly enough. If the complaint isn’t valid, you still come out on top by taking the high road. You get angry, defensive, and annoyed just as if someone were personally attacking you. Performance review phrases examples for professionalism to write a performance evaluation and complete your performance review form for free. Gracefully reply with the tips we’ve already given. Here’s a negative review response example from a company responding to someone who was dissatisfied with their meal: Note that it’s short, to the point, and quickly takes the conversation to another platform. 1. It’s hard enough for the owner of a small business to respond to every online review they receive. These templates can be copy and pasted but, remember, you should personalize some aspects to it. When it comes to responding to negative reviews, you really only have two types of responses: We’ve written a templated reply for both but added another response in case you also want to offer some discount or promotion. An unfair performance evaluation is stressful to deal with. All those meetings, early mornings, and late nights can be instantly deflated by just one bad review. Our fingers tingle, and we get eager to write back in self-defense. Here's a review … You don’t need to go on and on about this either. As you write your message, empathize with the author, and imagine yourself on your worst day. They look something like this: Plus, this specific type of social proof has been proven to boost conversions up to 15%. If the reviewer is complaining about bad service, you can still apologize that they had a bad experience without supporting their criticism of your attention to detail. It is hard to do this but do not respond immediately to a negative review. So whether you go with TrustPulse or similar software, adding positive action notifications to your page is simply a no brainer. To do that, briefly mention what your current standards for customer service are. He has helped lead the company through rapid growth, including a notable appearance on Shark Tank and an award on the Inc 5000 list of fastest growing companies. That’s why we would love your feedback as to how we handled your negative experience. Offer a Discount, Promotion, or Refund for the Inconvenience. No matter how unfair a negative review, resist the urge to defend every point and prove your case. A little sympathy goes a long way toward defusing the situation. In your response, it’s a good idea to let the reviewer (and other readers) know that this negative experience is the exception, not the rule. Here’s a negative review response example of a business doing just that: As a business owner, you have an obligation to give your customers the best service you possibly can. Resist the natural urge to react defensively, retain your professional demeanor and … But 10 years before that, a man had bought tires from the store that had previously occupied Nordstroms’ new space. We make it a point to be known for customer service, so this situation caught us off guard and we would love to learn more about what specifically happened. This dentist made his response very personal when someone’s girlfriend was dissatisfied with getting a new crown: So before you hit “send,” reread your response and ask yourself what makes the message unique to the reviewer. Remember that the way you respond to this appraisal can make all the difference in the next one. When You Are NOT Responsible for the Problem + Offering a Discount. The owner responded to a negative review with this: And the follow-up review came later from the customer: This small paragraph is a true testament to the company’s high standards of customer service. Please notice that it is short, non-apologetic, and not negative… Plus, negative reviews have actual consequences: 1. While I respect your opinion, I believe it to be mistaken. Review Response Templates For Responding To Negative Reviews. More specifically, you should ask if the issue was resolved and, if so, whether or not you can get some public feedback on their experience. Keep that in mind as you’re responding to negative reviews and you’ll be much less likely to let your emotions get the best of you. Thank you in advance, looking forward to hearing from you soon. Responding to a Negative Review of a Veterinary Clinic Here’s another example of a response to a negative review; it’s from a veterinary clinic, a business in an industry in which emotions can run high, especially in times of a pet’s health crisis. When he’s not wrestling with his kids, you’ll likely find Nathan giving his eyes a much-needed break from screens with a good book or planning a family trip with his awesome wife. Responding to negative reviews on Glassdoor requires that you have a calm, collected, and most importantly, professional tone. Here are some suggestions: •Be in control of your emotions. Provide contact information, including the name of a specific company representative, if possible. Even so, it’s often a good idea to briefly speak to the reviewer’s primary concern. The staff member felt that the report, while, not overwhelmingly negative, did contain some negative elements that needed a response. So when you have a few reasonably negative reviews peppered in there, people tend to trust your brand even more. Happy 2021! As a 24-year old copywriter writing marketing copy for startups and major brands, Erskine joined BrandYourself as a Brand Strategist to help empower individuals to tell their stories too. People can tell now when you respond with a canned response. You may even want to use the phrase, “In some cases, it’s just not the right fit and it’s best for both parties to find another solution.” The goal is let other readers know that you offer great services, deserve a certain level of respect, and that you choose the high road in these kinds of confrontations. Sometimes those mistakes lead to negative reviews. Giving a performance review for an underperformer can be a tough proposition. Sample disagreement letter to employer for performance evaluation I am writing this letter with regards to the recent performance evaluation held in the organization. In the meantime, please enjoy this [insert promotion or discount here] while we get everything sorted. Whether your negative reviews are well-deserved or unfairly given is slightly beside the point: your online reputation suffers either way. But it’s like they say, “You can’t please everyone.”. Thank you so much for taking the time to write to us. Getting negative online reviews is tough. Ryan Erskine is Director of Client Services at, a leading online reputation management firm, and the first DIY platform that makes it simple for people…. This is an optional though highly recommended step. Storytellers. Be serious of what is not working for you: It could be a little difficult to speak to your seniors about … More than four negative reviews about a company or product may decrease sales by 70% 3. Adobe polled 1,500 workers and learned that 22% of respondents have cried, 37% have looked for another job and 20% have quit as a result of a bad performance review. Finally, we’ve come up with 6 awesome response templates that you can use to save time as you respond to negative online reviews. And did you know that the way you respond can lead to major benefits (or downfalls) to your business? Hi Nathan, thank you for your insightful article. I hope this response helps and, again, I’m so sorry to hear about your current dilemma! And that goes for both positive and negative reviews. Small businesse… Sometimes those mistakes lead to negative reviews. One bad review on Yelp might not be at the top of your radar. Instead, we like to think that most customers are good. Except at a funeral.”. See what you can do if your boss gives an unfair or inaccurate employee evaluation. Here’s a negative review response example from JetBlue Airways: But the most famous example of this is from a clothing store called Nordstroms. For a few reasons: The bottom line is that your customer is unhappy. Finally, we have a template to follow up with customers to ask for some feedback, another review, or a testimonial. Your signature on an evaluation does not imply that you agree with what was said in the review, only that you received it. Take this business owner’s response, for example: When you say, ‘I’m sorry,’ you may be empathizing with your customer without acknowledging that your company was specifically to blame.
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